Pennsylvania thermoformer Brentwood Industries Inc. is making a “multimillion-dollar” investment in a new medical manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico.

The company said the plant is Brentwood’s first strategic international expansion dedicated to custom thermoformed medical packaging.

The plant will have a clean room and serve customers in Mexico, Central America and the western United States. It will include a new Class 7 clean room.

Andrew Haus, Brentwood’s medical product line manager, described Tijuana, which is across the border from San Diego, as a “major North American medical manufacturing hub,” adding that it continues to grow rapidly.

Brentwood has been evaluating expanding into the city for a number of years, he added, “particularly considering the large push in the medical industry to source all packing and components as close to the point of manufacture as possible.”

“Our aim is always to pursue new opportunities,” he said. “Whether that means coming up with innovative design for a client’s project or best positioning ourselves — literally — to serve our growing customer base, we will continue to invest in the medical sector to support the needs of our customers.”

Haus told Plastics News by telephone the facility would employ fewer than 25. He said the company is leasing the plant, which is in an industrial park. Marketing specialist Aubrey Detterline referred to it in an email as a “multimillion-dollar” investment.

Founded in 1965, family-owned Brentwood’s corporate headquarters is in Reading, Pa. In addition to thermoforming and injection molding, it also makes parts for industrial-grade batteries, manufactures wheelbarrows, attic ventilation systems and marine bulkheads, cooling tower components, storm tank products, interior and exterior parts for heavy-duty truck and mass transit manufacturers, and water and wastewater treatment systems.

It has seven manufacturing facilities in the United States and three international operations: India, Thailand and the Czech Republic.