With the help of volunteers, Border Angels leaves gallon jugs of water and bags of warm supplies in the desert along dangerous, high-traffic migrant paths. Why? Following 1994, when the US government implemented its most inhumane border enforcement policies ever, more than 11,000 human beings have died while crossing the border. Their main cause of death? Fatal exposure to extreme heat and cold. Our supplies help reduce these tragic fatalities.
We would love to have as many volunteers as possible join us this month. Unfortunately, due to the incredible turnouts we’ve been having, and the vast desert territory we’ve covered, there’s less work for us to do. As a result, we have to limit participation.
**This month’s event requires 60 volunteers max**
We will be providing the link to RSVP tomorrow, Thursday the 8th, at 7 pm through our email newsletter, and our Facebook page.
The first 60 volunteers to RSVP will be given a spot. The next 10 to sign up will be put on the reserve list, incase any of the 60 drop out. We will inform these volunteers that they will be included, or are on the waitlist by Sunday the 11th, at 7 pm.
Before considering whether or not to sign up, please know the following:
The event will last from 8am to 5pm. We will begin introductions at 8 am at our office in San Diego, head to the desert, leave the desert at 3 pm, and be back in San Diego by 5 pm.
We will not be crossing the border in Mexico.
IMPORTANT: during the event, you must have legal ID on you and proof of immigration status. If you have a visa or green card, you must have proof of that status as well as valid ID to participate. If you are a citizen, you must have valid ID on you (i.e. driver’s license. For immigration safety reasons, those on DACA and others without legal status cannot participate. We pass through at least one border patrol checkpoint with possibly uninformed and/or poorly trained Border Patrol agents, so we must exercise an abundance of caution.
If you are a minor, you must attend with a parent or guardian, and they must sign and turn in your volunteer waiver. You must also have valid ID like a driver’s license, or school ID AND birth certificate on you at all times.
We will have 4 routes of varying degrees of difficulty. For beginners, our easiest route will be 2 miles round-trip through flat dry riverbed.
There is risk of being stuck with painful cactus needles and bites from poisonous animals. The likelihood of the latter is low, but still a possibility. It will be hot out there. Keep in mind, the temperature and lack of shade could present health difficulties for those sensitive to heat and sun exposure. We will have safety monitors equipped with umbrellas and electrolytes, but that can only do so much for those with a low tolerance. For those that are sensitive, we advise you not to attend. We also advise those with serious health problems not to attend, and those recovering from surgery. Please use your best judgement when deciding whether or not to sign up. If you are unclear, please consult your physician.
For any questions or comments, please email Jacqueline Arellano at [email protected].